T H A P A E  G A T E

-     A    P L A C E    T O     U N W I N D    A N D    I N S P I R E      -

Thapae Gate Chiang Mai
Hotel POR near Thapae Gate Chiang Mai



[p ̓ o, p ͪ ʌ:]

adjective : sufficient to meet a need or satisfy a desire

noun : the state of being satisfied with what is given

Hotel POR in Chiang Mai

[ Picture from POR Daowadung ]

P H I L O S O P H Y   O F   E N O U G H .

We believe that happiness is to be satisfied with what you have in presence.  This concept of enough allows you to be happy at the moment without having to worry about the past or the future.

Pool hotel in Chiang Mai
Hotel in Chiang Mai

[ Picture of POR Thapae Gate building ]

Thapae gate near POR Thapae Gate

A   P L A C E   F O R   T R A V E L E R S ,  L O C A L S 
A N D   E V E R Y T H I N G   I N   B E T W E E N .

POR Thapae Gate cherishes unity and harmony in every sense of the word.

We welcome our guests as if they are Friends.

Treat our community as if it is our Family.

And take care of our planet as if it is our Home.

We strive to preserve what nature offers and give back to our community

by reducing as much waste as possible and supporting local restaurants.

You can explore the recomended gems in "Our neighborhood" section.

[ Picture of Thapae Gate ]

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Trees of eco hotel POR Thapae Gate