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Eat & Drink Loal

 O N E   C A N N O T   T H I N K   W E L L , L O V E   W E L L , S L E  E P   W E L L ,

I F   O N E   H A S   N O T   D I N E D   W E L L .

POR Thapae Gate gathers our favourite local recomendations.

All the places we suggest are in walking distance.

You can find reviews and map by clicking Tripadvisor icon.

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S U P P O R T   L O C A L   B U S I N E S S 

POR guest get a dicount or freebies by just show your room card on the flagged restaurants and massage shops.

E N J O Y !




Open Daily

From 10.45-20.45

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Khun Kae Juice Bar

(200 THB get 10% discount)

Open Daily

From 09.00-19.30  

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POR Explore
temple in front of POR Thapae Gate

D O   N O T   F O L L O W   W H E R E   T H E   P A T H   M A Y   L E A D .

G O   I N S T E A D   W H E R E   T H E R E   I S   N O    P A T H   A N D   D O   N O T   L E A V E   A   T R A I L .

POR Thapae gate is located in Chiang Mai old city. We are surrounded by many historical sites such as Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phan On

T H A P A E    G A T E

Just 2 minutes walking, you will encounter Thapae Gate. The wall that used to protect the city from invasion is now welcoming travelers around the globe.

Thapae gate
Thapae Gate
temple near POR Thapae Gate
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